Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen is the one that demands the most work from top to bottom every day.

TRULY inst provides solutions that help make cleaning the oven, appliances, countertops, kitchen hoods, BBQ grills and more a quick and easy task.



kitchen hoods

BBQ grills


Overcooked, fried, or charred foods are the major sources of the chemical acrylamide. There is evidence that eating all that charred foods could actually be bad for your health.

You should do a simple cleaning after every use. It is best to do this after you are done cooking. When the range cools down but is still warm, take your scrubber and clean any food particles that are burnt on the surfaces. The only thing you will need for the job is a power scrubber.

TRULY inst

We manufacture the innovative power scrubber to help remove all of the grease and grime in one easy step. Whether in the kitchen, outdoor cooking, self car wash or home garden cleaning, when paired with household detergent cleaner, our power scrubber helps to make almost all cleaning jobs easier and more efficient while delivering greater hygiene and protection.

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