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    Magnetic wireless charging

    The magnetic wireless charging makes it easy to use for elderly and children.

    ‘Completely Waterproof’ and magnetic charging reduces the possibility of electrical failures such as short circuits owing to insulation failure, which is especially important where the item is regularly plugged in and unplugged.


    Built-in auto quadrant timer

    2-minute timer instructions help ensures for dental professionals recommend brushing time.

    A good rechargeable toothbrush will also include features like a 30 to 45-second signal that tells you when it’s time to switch sides of your mouth.


    Rubberized ergonomic handle

    Children will have an easier time gripping the handle because it is made of silicone.

    The soft-touch material is generally referred to as “ergonomic,” a term that refers to quantifiable results such as a 15% reduction in muscle activity or a 40% reduction in stressed wrist postures.

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